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The cornerstone of our business, having built up an enviable reputation over many decades. Over the many decades of operating we have built and established an enviable reputation of providing the best services at the most competitive rates to our clients and the marketplace.


We take great pride in the upkeep of your organization.
Apart from the general cleaning and security services, we take pride in maintaining the upkeep of your sites and facilities.


A complete solution to all your security needs. An innovative approach to complex situations. We offer a complete solution to all security needs, from guarding services, equipment provisions to concierge and consultancy services.

Why Choose GPSFM?

Our People

Effective recruitment, monitoring, and assessing. Work place culture is important to us, beginning with a stringent interview process and psychometric assessments with continuing supervision and training.

Our Process

We tested and thought-out processes, systems, and procedures underpin our business. From WH&S systems and management communication systems to client and contractor feedback and service tools.

 Our Systems

Auditing systems to establish contract compliance via mobile electronic reporting systems and provide accurate information regarding employee attendance and service times.

 Our Communication

Regular meeting ensure client satisfaction is always of utmost importance, using a combination of service reviews and contract compliance reviews enabling feedback and high level of contractor performance.

Who Grouped Property Services are?

With more than 40 years experience in the property services industry,Grouped Property Services provides a solutions based service to those requiring commercial cleaning, security or maintenance. From humble beginnings as a small family run cleaning business to a thriving national competitor, now with offices in every state,Grouped Property Services has grown in leaps and bounds. With the highest quality procedures and the most competitive prices its understandable why many chooseGrouped Property Services.

We strive to maintain the highest standards while exceeding the client’s expectations at all levels

WH&S compliance, incident reports and quality inspections are created easily and quickly. Reports are completed on-site with photos, voice memos and text data. Sharing the data once spreads throughout the company to relevantGrouped Property Services representatives. Once in the system easily export your data to Word or Excel and integrate easily with other client systems.

Reports are time stamped, date stamped and locked for integrity. Measurable compliance levels are achieved as required and Incident reports immediately capture occurrences. Also variable audit trails maintain a consistent level of accuracy.

Using our efficient processes and practices will increase your productivity. Also enabling a proactive and exact risk management system.

Dedicated to Security

Securing your assets.

GPSFM implement a wide variety of training and education for the security teams. We are committed to providing the highest quality standards for your sites by offering a friendly yet efficient security service, minimizing disruption, and keeping your mind at ease.


Security management and monitoring systems.

UniGuard Systems are used on all GPSFM sites and provide a modern and accurate way to monitor your security teams. It also provides solutions for guard tour management and security, pioneering the filed of guard and attendance on site for staff.


Modern processes and technologies keeping us ahead of the pack.

GPSFM is efficient in the WH&S Compliance, incident reports, and quality inspection that are created easily and quickly. Reports are completed on site with photos, voice memos, and text data. We are also accurate on reports and measurable compliance levels achieved as required.

Cost effective

Straight forward and easy to understand.

We, at GPSFM, are confident that we are more than capable of providing you with a total solutions approach at a competitive price. Efficient practices throughout the process increase productivity. Proactive and exact risk management.

We understand that time is a valuable asset, so why spend your time making multiple calls to multiple providers when you can make one call to GPSFM for all your service needs